Health Benefits of a Portobello Mushroom

portabella mushrooms

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Portobello mushrooms are amazing. Eat them, they’re delicious and good for you. Great on the grill.  Here are a few reasons why they are good for you.

One cup of sliced portobello mushrooms:
• approximately 121 g
• only 42 calories

• 1 g of fat
• 5 g of protein
• total carbohydrates are 6 g
• 3 g of the carbs is fiber
• water makes up 108 g of the total weight
• only 12 mg of sodium (low-sodium food)
• supplies 31 percent of the daily recommended intake of selenium
• contains 30 percent of the recommendation for copper and 18 percent of the requirement for both phosphorus and potassium
• Other minerals in portabello mushrooms include iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium and zinc
• 7.2 mg of the vitamin niacin, or 36 percent of the daily recommended intake
• 0.6 mg of riboflavin, or 34 percent of the recommendation for that vitamin
• contain the vitamins pantothenic acid, folate, choline, vitamin B6 and thiamin, also known as vitamin B1
• betaine is also found in portabello mushrooms

The body’s ability to produce its own antioxidants is enhanced by the selenium in portobello mushrooms which operates through the DNA.  Hemoglobin synthesis (needed for the transportation of oxygen through the blood stream) is supported by the iron and copper.  Portobello mushrooms have a high level of riboflavin which gives a healthy dose to cellular energy production.  Adrenal gland function is aided by the pantothenic acid in portobello mushrooms.  The very high levels of Zinc helps boost the body’s immune function such as wound healing and cell division.  A reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease has been linked to the high amounts of niacin found in portobello mushrooms.

Portobello mushrooms will retain their nutrients when stir-fried, grilled, or microwaved.  I prefer them grilled because the flavor really gets kicked up a notch.  I’ve been steaming them lately and due to the enormous amount of flavor they hold you only need a bit of pepper and you’ve got yourself a main course.


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